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Whipping Egg Whites with a Flat Wire Whip

When whipping whites you can do the job by hand with a wire whip or with an electric mixer.


  • When using a flat whip, the best container for the whites is a large flat platter with raised sides.  This gives you a generous surface area for moving the whites around and a nice roomy space for manipulating the whip.
  • To demonstrate, I poured 4 egg whites into a glass pie plate and used the whip shown on the main recipe image.
  • The whip slides along under the whites on the down stroke and lifts them and incorporates air on the upstroke. In the beginning the air cells are large.
  • With more vigorous beating coupled with moving the pie plate around, the whites begin to thicken and whiten.
  • And after a minute or so of whipping the whites look fluffy and cloudlike.
  • And just a few seconds more of whipping makes your whites stiff enough so you can start beating in sugar.