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My Vintage KitchenAid Mixer

Greg Patent's Kitchen Aid Model 3 MixerI’m a kitchen gadget freak with a houseful of oddities such as a beaten biscuit machine, antique pie crimpers, rolling pins of all shapes and sizes, to name just a few.  But my newest pride and joy is my KitchenAid Model 3-C stand mixer from the 1960s. I’ve been wanting a mixer like this ever since I watched Julia Child using it on many of her “The French Chef” black and white cooking shows from that era.  What got me lusting after it was the way it whipped whole eggs and yolks to a volume and thickness I hadn’t seen another stand mixer do.

I bought my first KitchenAid mixer in 1970, and that workhorse has been my vade mecum through all my baking ever since.  I couldn’t have written Baking in America or A Baker’s Odyssey without it.

So why my strong attraction to the KitchenAid Model 3-C?  I love its look.  That clear glass bowl with horizontal lines and almost straight sides is a work of art.  And the beater with its internal loop looks like a museum piece.  The two together beat up eggs and egg yolks better than my trusty model K-5A.  Just why this is so beats me, probably some complicated physics going on.  But whenever I’m beating eggs for a Génoise or yolks for a buttercream, that’s the mixer I use.

Ebay is my source for all vintage kitchen equipment.  Pay the site a visit if you’ve got a hankering for some kitchen oddment you remember from the past.  Or just browse whatever strikes your fancy.  Who knows, you may fall in love with something unexpected.