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Kitchen Utensil: Foley Fork

The Foley Fork, also called a blending fork, is a 6-tined kitchen utensil that has become a rather chic item to own.  Julia Child used one occasionally on her original The French Chef television series, and she waxed poetic over it.  The fork does a great job mashing potatoes, making guacamole, blending fat into flour for a pastry, beating eggs, stirring sauces, mixing batters, whisking salad dressing, and many other kitchen tasks.

No longer manufactured, you can usually find a used one on eBay, but it’s apt to be pricey.  Don’t despair!  You can buy brand-new replicas known by various names. Mine–in the photo above–is a stainless steel Granny Fork (manufactured by Norpro).  It cost me $8.00 and it does everything an original Foley Fork does.  Another brand is RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Fantastic Food Fork.

 The tines are flat and broad, about 3/16-inches wide.

And they don’t all lie in one plane.

It’s this configuration that makes the fork so efficient.

If you google “Foley Fork, ” pages of entries pop up.   Have fun browsing.  If you can’t find a replica at your local hardware store, buying one online is a snap. Once you use one you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.    



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