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Fall Strawberries

I used to think of strawberries as only a spring fruit, but in many parts of the country, including Missoula, Montana, where I live, they’re a fall crop as well.  And right now we expect to be in strawberry heaven through September.  Yippeee! In the spring and early summer I tend to make strawberry shortcake, strawberry preserves, and strawberry pies and tarts.  In the fall I mostly just eat the fruit or spoon them onto crispy waffles topped with whipped cream.  I also put them into a bowl and douse them with lavish amounts of crème angalise.  If the berries are really fine, this is one of the best of all desserts.

If local fall strawberries are available where you live, do try them with this classic sauce.  And you can always relive spring by making your own favorite strawberry desserts such as shortcake, pies, tarts, and ice cream.

What do you like to do with strawberries besides just munching them?

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