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Cookbooks by Greg Patent

Montana Cooking

If you order directly from Greg, you can request that he sign your copy to your specification! This is perfect ...
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Cookbook: Baking in America

In Baking in America I tell the story of America's history through baking. Wood-burning ovens, the mainstay of seventeenth and ...
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Cookbook: A Baker’s Odyssey

$35.00 + postage Books ordered here are signed by author A Baker's Odyssey is a rich collection of recipes and ...
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Signed copy of New Cooking from the Old West What would you like the signature to say? Recently, Greg came ...
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A Is for Apple: More Than 200 Recipes for Eating, Munching and Cooking with America’s Favorite Fruit

Co-written with my wife, Dorothy, whose grandfather homesteaded an apple ranch in Idaho in the first decade of the 1900s ...
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Patently Easy Food Processor Cooking

These "Patently Easy Food Processor Recipes" help you prepare delicious and nutritious meals in minutes. I start by explaining "10 ...
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8 thoughts on “Cookbooks by Greg Patent”

  • I have almost all of these wonderful cookbooks – save for the food processor ones – and consult them regularly. Thank you, Greg Patent (and Dorothy “A is for Apples” Patent).

  • Baking In America is a GEM of a baking book.

    The recipes can help you set up your bakery business successfully.

    I have multiplied the recipes several times and each gives perfect result.

    The book deserves an IACP award.

    • Thank you, Wale, for letting me know how Baking in America has been so useful to you in your own career. It did win the James Beard Award for best baking book.

  • I make your strudel dough once a year for our Oktoberfest party. Watched you throw the dough on the counter 100 times and stretch it on a floured cloth. It is so much fun to make and much easier than one might think. I fill it with a Marcella Hazen apple mixture ( Asti-Apple Tart) that is pre cooked with honey, grand marnier, orange and lemon peel. Bought the cookbook after U-Tube and have made other recipes, pie crust, also.

    • Dear Jan Martin,
      Thank you so much for writing and describing your strudel adventures. I love your approach to baking: jump in, try recipes, see what works, what doesn’t, and keep on baking. Wonderful.

  • I’m making the chocolate buttermilk cake in your cookbook. it says 4 ounces (4 squares) of chocolate. but my 4 ounce bar is 8 squares. is this an error or are my squares half the size of your squares?

    • I see your confusion. It used to be that each square of unsweetened and also semi-sweet chocolate came in 1-ounce squares. If your bar weighs 4 ounces, use it all. Happy baking!

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