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A Baker’s Odyssey: Thai Shrimp and Bean Sprout Fritters

These shrimp and bean sprout fritters may be made ahead and re-crisped in a hot oven for 3 to 5 minutes. Be sure to use a finely milled rice flour.

2 thoughts on “A Baker’s Odyssey: Thai Shrimp and Bean Sprout Fritters”

  • The batter for the Thai Shrimp Fritters was stiff like play dough, so I added more club soda until it was more like pancake batter…anyone else have this problem?

    • I am sorry you had a problem with the fritter batter. I’m wondering what rice flour you used. Some brands are coarser than others and soak up more liquid. Your adding more club soda was correct; a thick pancake batter consistency is what you want. I do hope the fritters turned out all right.

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