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Christmas Apple Loaf

Greg Patent Sliced Apple Loaf The Baking Wizard

This terrific mildly spiced loaf cake, loaded with dried fruits and toasted nuts, gets its special taste and texture from a very thick homemade apple purée. Because it keeps really well at room temperature, this loaf is something you’ll want to have on hand for the holidays to eat/serve just about anytime—at breakfast, brunch, as [...]

Making Sense of Pie Pan Sizes

Can you identify the most common pie pan called for in recipes in the above picture? I had a chat recently with Kate McDermott, author of the highly celebrated and best-selling cookbook, “Art of the Pie,” about the bewildering variation in pie pans or pie plates. Kate said “Why don’t you write a blog about [...]

Chocolate Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving (or Anytime!)

Prebaking a pastry shell is insurance against a soggy crust in the finished pie. Just follow the recipe and you’ll get a great result.

The Great Plum Torte Story

This classic plum torte recipe, the most requested New York Times recipe, is superb. It’s everything a European fruit torte should be: Tender, buttery, sweet, and packed with fruit.

Please Vote!

Please vote for this recipe I created to raise $5,000 for the Missoula Food Bank, an organization that provides nutritious food and feeds people who can’t afford it. What you see in the photo is a No-Bake Avocado Lime Cheesecake with Oatmeal Brittle Crust and Gingered Blueberry Sauce. I’ll post the recipe soon after the [...]

Huckleberry Tart

The food processor makes great pastry. The speed of processing insures ice water and butter maintain their chill. The fat stays solid and the dough rolls out like a dream. For the filling, beaten egg whites coat the huckleberries with a protein film to keep them from oozing during baking.

Bisciola : A Legendary Italian Fruit and Nut Bread

This not-too-sweet yeast bread, jam-packed with walnuts and raisins, is a specialty of the agriturismo hotel, La Fiorida, in northern Italy’s Valtellina Valley. Serve it with butter, jam, or salted meats and cheese. It stays fresh for a couple of weeks at room temperature, well-wrapped. And it freezes beautifully for months.

Maida Heatter and the Half-Blood Prince

In the sixth Harry Potter book, the boy wizard uses a notebook in his potions class inscribed as being the property of someone called the half-blood prince. The formula instructions have been altered with hand-written notes, and Harry decides to follow them instead of the printed word. Harry succeeds and his classmates fail. What are [...]

I love the character a small amount of lusty, robust, black walnuts gives to these cupcakes. Black walnuts grow in the eastern United States and as far west as the eastern sections of Texas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. The nuts have a very tough shell that’s hard to crack, and unless you live near where [...]

Best Rhubarb Pie

We have two huge rhubarb plants in our garden, and in mid-late May when the bright red stalks are at their tenderest, I make this pie. Rhubarb pie fillings are often soft and runny. The rhubarb contains so much water, you either have to add too much thickener or coax the rhubarb to release its [...]