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Dobosh Torte

Dobosh Torte or Dobos Torta is one of the greatest Hungarian cakes. Created by József C. Dobos in the mid-1880s, it is traditionally five or more thin layers of sponge cake baked individually on parchment and filled with a silky smooth chocolate buttercream. The top layer is covered with a melted sugar caramel to suggest [...]

The Original Chocolate Chip Cookie

Originally posted on May 23, 2014 in Chocolate, Cookies, Nuts, Recipes, vanilla What would become America’s favorite cookie—several billion are eaten annually today—owes its very existence to a kitchen crisis at the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts. Sometime in the early 1930s, owner Ruth Wakefield, finding she was out of nuts for her cookie [...]

Apple Muffins with Browned Butter Streusel


A few years ago I was asked to judge a local apple cooking contest. The recipes were incredibly diverse and ranged from apple leather to apple pizza. But there was one recipe that stood out from all the rest: apple muffins. These were the lightest apple muffins I had ever tasted and they boasted a deep apple flavor along with a generous amount of diced sweet/tart apple.

Simple Cheese Pogácsa

The Hungarian word for biscuit, roughly translated, is pogácsa, and there are two basic types: salty and sweet. But within each category huge variations exist. I posted a recipe for Vajas pogácsa, a sweet Hungarian butter biscuit awhile back, but recently I got to bake with a real live Hungarian baker in my home kitchen and she taught me how to make these Simple Cheese Pogácsa, a delicious and addictive cheesy biscuit to nibble on anytime and to serve with drinks.

Foam Cakes: Sunshine Cake

Baked Glazed Sunshine Cake - Greg Patent: The Baking Wizard

Are you fascinated by how cakes rise, especially cakes made without the help of baking powder or baking soda? Ever since I was a kid, angel food cake and sponge cake, both rising to magnificent heights solely by the air beaten into them, held a special magic for me. But how does the magic happen?

My Vintage KitchenAid Mixer

Greg Patent's Kitchen Aid Model 3 Mixer

I’m a kitchen gadget freak with a houseful of oddities such as a beaten biscuit machine, antique pie crimpers, rolling pins of all shapes and sizes, to name just a few. But my newest pride and joy is my KitchenAid Model 3-C stand mixer from the 1960s.

Plum Torte

Serving of Plum Torte by Greg Patent: The Baking Wizard

Once in a while a recipe catches on like wildfire and sends people straight to the kitchen.  One such recipe is Plum Torte, a simple to make butter cake topped with Italian prune plums, lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon baked in a spring-form pan.  New York Times food columnist Marian Burros was given a recipe [...]

Fresh Strawberry Soufflé

Strawberry Souffle - Greg Patent: The Baking Wizard

A soufflé is pure drama.  And it’s one of the proudest achievements of any baker.  The oohs and ahs you’ll get alone will make your spirits soar.  Not to mention the joy of eating your creation. So please believe me when I tell you that soufflés are easy to make.  If you can whip egg [...]

Vanilla Bean Cream

Baked Vanilla Cream - Greg Patent: The Baking Wizard

Sometimes a little luscious creamy dessert does the trick, especially if one is trying to cut back on carbs.  This week my wife and I decided to try a low carb diet for a week: no bread, pasta, fresh corn.  But we did allow ourselves lots of leafy green vegetables, string beans, cabbage, zucchini, and [...]

Treasure State Tropical Bundt® Cake

Treasure State Cake Interior - Greg Patent: The Baking Wizard

I am wild about this cake, a buttery, eggy, not-too-sweet pound cake loaded with citrus flavor. Montana is known as the Treasure State, and western Montana, where we live and where the climate is strongly influenced by Pacific coastal weather systems, tends to have milder winters compared to the rest of the state. Because of [...]